What Is an Effective and Impressive Communication?

In my earlier blog, (https://inspiredliving2020.in/2020/08/16/communication/), I had written about the various common types of Communication methods. We use these methods at different times while interacting with people. At every instance, we want people to understand exactly what we are intending to communicate. Hence, it is very important that the content that we present in anyContinue reading “What Is an Effective and Impressive Communication?”

My Journey through the 6 Days of Content Writing Course

I started to write poems and articles while I was in school, for my school magazine. But in due course of time, I stopped writing. It was many years since I penned down something of my interest. Unfortunately, the world was hit with pandemic and life almost came to a standstill. Work from home wasContinue reading “My Journey through the 6 Days of Content Writing Course”

What Will Happen If People Lose Emotions Tomorrow?

Emotions – An intricate part of the being of the Human Race We, Human Beings are social animals. To survive, we need to be surrounded by people we know, our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. We are so used to talking to one another, discussing thoughts, expressing feelings and sharing experiences, stories. We are emotional beings.Continue reading “What Will Happen If People Lose Emotions Tomorrow?”


Communication, in simple terms is sharing information with relevant person or a group of people or with an audience. The way we communicate what we intend to is of utmost importance. The communication should be effective. What is an effective communication? Communication is effective when the information is articulated clearly and precisely to the audience.Continue reading “Communication”

Beliefs and Perception

In my last blog, I had illustrated how our upbringing instills filters in us which form our beliefs. In this write up, I would like to link this concept with Perception and how this can impact one’s personal growth. When we start believing a certain aspect about ourself, we continue the self talk on theContinue reading “Beliefs and Perception”