Mindfulness and Self Counseling

In this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on self awareness and self counseling.

Human beings are generally in a state of volatile thoughts. What I mean by volatile thoughts is being in a state of constantly changing the direction of thoughts. This state often causes distress, confusion and unhappiness within a preoccupied mind.

We need to adapt the concept of clearing unwanted thoughts from our thinking baskets. In short, we should learn to detoxify our mind. This will make space for more fruitful, internal discussions and decisions…. Internal discussion are to be held between you and yourself, me and myself. A dialogue with yourself is most important. A daily positive dialogue with self is a powerful therapy to achieve a stable and happy state of mind and moreover is helpful in turning situations favourably.

More importantly, this dialogue is a must when you find yourself in a confused, heartbroken state or a state where you find yourself stuck or strangled or let down by internal or external forces.

I believe that I am my best friend. I am the one who can help myself out of any challenges. All help is available within me. It’s just the matter of opening your inner self to your subtle self what we may, in lay man words call it as, your second mind.

While having a self talk, address yourself the way you want to be addressed. Take your name and tell yourself that you are awesome. Boost up yourself with positive words and awaken your potential from within. Your self will believe you because you are the only resource of positive energy.

Be conscious, be aware, practice mindfulness and keep talking to yourself and stay connected to your innerbeing….

Stay happy until we meet here again ❤️❤️

Published by Inspired Living

I am a counselling therapist by passion. I love writing poems and articles

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