Musical Tranquility

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — Khalil Gibran

We all listen to music of our choices. Most of us sing or simply hum casually while doing our daily chores. I had been doing so for many years and enjoyed a lot. like many of you, music was always my passion. Most importantly Indian music could and can still immerse me in a completely different charisma. Marathi hindi film songs and various music albums were adding pleasure into my life. Along with my professonal and familial life, I always wanted to explore my Me-Time. Believe me, Music became the driving force to lead me to the zone and tranquility that I searched always. I found myself transcended and flowing with the eternal spiritual stream of absolute peace of mind and soul.
But let me tell you, all these years, I was ignorant of the ethics of music. Coincidentally, I was newly introduced to MUSIC when I began my musical journey with Kalanjali Music Academy on 5th March 2021. First time, I got exposed to the real ‘shuddha’ Soor, Taal, Rhythms, lyrics, its relevance to life and devotional sense of music that touched my heart. In the light of My Guru, Dr. Satyajit Kosambi, I’m taking tiny steps towards my musical enlightenment. The journey is of miles and miles together. Standing on the 1st step, trying to settle and move on. I know, the journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step. Its my voyage. 
So dear friends, I would love to share my little understanding of music that I learnt in past 4 months. 
We generally believe that we listen to music with our ears… However, my belief has changed now. I have understood the most important concept of music which takes you to a real musical world, a world of Musical Tranquility. 
We do not listen to music with our ears; we listen to music through the ears. Ears are the entrance from where it passes into our body. We see music through our eyes, breathe it through our lungs, feel it through our heart, sense it through our beats and live it through millions of cells in our body.
Therefore, Listening to music is a process, a recipe, a worship, which can take one’s soul to a different level of serene bliss and a thoughtless awareness.

After all, Life is Harmony, Harmony is music and so Life is music or now you can say music is life. So Have a musical life until we meet again here…


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8 thoughts on “Musical Tranquility

  1. Very Nicely Written, Your love and affection towards Music is brightly highlighted… Get going… Keep Singing …. Keep Smiling as always….. Your Loving brother.. Kedar.


  2. संगीताने दिला स्वर्ग तुज
    या अवनीवर जगण्याचा
    दिले तुला अन तुझ्यासम कीती
    संगीती मश्गुल होण्याचा
    उणे जिण्यातुनी दुःख होई गे
    हवेत तरते ठेवी ते
    सहजी जमता सूर कितीकांशी
    अर्थ जिण्याला येई गे.


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