What Will Happen If People Lose Emotions Tomorrow?

Emotions – An intricate part of the being of the Human Race

We, Human Beings are social animals. To survive, we need to be surrounded by people we know, our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. We are so used to talking to one another, discussing thoughts, expressing feelings and sharing experiences, stories. We are emotional beings. The exchange or release of emotions is essential for our mental health.

We talk, we share, we laugh, we care, we fight, we get angry, we are upset at times and even go into verbal hibernation sometimes. These are the emotions which we live with. We enjoy the positivity behind these emotions. Hence, emotions are a very important and intricate part of our life

How will an emotionless world look like?

Image Credits: Needpix.com

Have you ever thought how an emotionless world would look like? How will the human beings co-exist without emotions? It will be interesting to imagine such an emotionless world. No emotions of love, care, anger, joy, happiness, hatred. No exchanges of stories, experiences.

There will be no new life born, as the desire to conceive is also an emotion. The people, who are alive, will roam around with blank faces. The world will be an industry where people will do their daily chores like a programmed Robot.

Friends will either not meet often or even if they do, there will be no communication. The laughter which blossoms in the parks will be silenced. The Mother and Child bond will be a thing of the past which no one may recollect.

There will be no greetings exchanged with smiles but only a grim look on the faces of people. Each interaction will become very transactional, irrespective of the relationship between the two individuals. There will be no prayers said for the loved ones. The overall essence of life will be lost.

Will human beings be able to except the challenge to bring back the emotions?

There may be a realization of the situation among a few people, but will it be easy, then, to gear up people and bring back the emotions which are lost? It may sound difficult, but definitely not impossible. I will still have my emotions with me and will strive to change the people around me.

Though a very remote possibility of such a thing ever happening in the history of humanity, it is so scary to imagine human form of a Robots roaming around. Hence let us understand that emotions are very important part of our life. We should learn to build positive emotions within us and around us always. Learn to love and care for our family and friends. Express what we can to the best of our ability. But did you know that expression of emotions alone is of no use unless they are expressed in front of someone who understands the meaning behind them and the depth in them. It is important for one to acknowledge the expressions one shows to you.

Let  us together understand the emotions behind our every gesture and make the Human Race a dignified evolution!!!

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