My Journey through the 6 Days of Content Writing Course

I started to write poems and articles while I was in school, for my school magazine. But in due course of time, I stopped writing. It was many years since I penned down something of my interest.

Unfortunately, the world was hit with pandemic and life almost came to a standstill. Work from home was activated by my organization, just like many other organizations did. I started to find little spare time and I was able to spare an hour in a week to recuperate my writing skills and I was pretty happy with my creations. I started my own blog.

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But eventually I realized that there is a lot to it apart from just writing a text. I came across this course on Content Writing by Uma Madhavi and registered for the same. It was a 6 day course and the course agenda seemed interesting.

During the 6 days, many of my basic understanding about Content Writing were cleared. I understood that Content Writing in itself is very varied and has its own spice. I learnt how one can best utilize the internet and found a good number of helpful sites which were shared with me in the course. I learnt new strategies which can be followed to make my writing more clear, realistic and impressive.

The importance of the presentation of the Content was highlighted. I learnt the importance of manner in which we formed sentences. The one and a half hour daily for 6 days was loaded with knowledge.

The daily assignments were very interesting as they were the mode of revision of what was taught during the course each day. The assignments were very challenging at times and were a dip stick to check our capabilities and writing skills. For me this was more challenging as I was working throughout the day and then finding time for completing the assignment was like walking on the stick. But I thoroughly enjoyed this as it ignited a sense of satisfaction in me.

Looking forward to the evaluation of my assignments submitted so far. I am excited to be a part of this venture as I am confident that this will be giving me a lot of gist to improvise on my writing skills. I feel much confident about writing. It has opened up new avenues for me for a career.

Thank you ContentVidhya!!!

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I am a counselling therapist by passion. I love writing poems and articles

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