Beliefs and Perception

In my last blog, I had illustrated how our upbringing instills filters in us which form our beliefs. In this write up, I would like to link this concept with Perception and how this can impact one’s personal growth.

When we start believing a certain aspect about ourself, we continue the self talk on the same lines. The more we continue with the self talk, the more strong our belief becomes. This then developed into self perception, also called as perseverance.

If one conditions his or her mind with certain beliefs or perseverance, the over all behaviour changes and gets adapted to the characteristics of the new thought process. This new thought process begins stronger with every passing minute, ultimately forming a habit. These habits of behaviors are exhibited by the individual in day to day activities and social interactions. Eventually this creates a perception about one self in social circles, which will definitely have its own consequences.

Hence, it is very critical and important to eminate a positive self perception, which will be helpful in influencing ones social circle, ofcourse in a positive manner. Hence if we start thinking towards the first step of building such positivity, it is very important to have a positive self talk, break perseverance and break the chain of negative beliefs which do not allow one self to proceed and conquer.

It is never too late to change and inch towards chasing one’s dreams, slowly but steadily. Aspire for your dreams beyond the rainbow. It is never too late. 😊

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