Passing on the baton

Are we responsible for the culture we imbibe in the next gens…..?

Well, the answer to this is a BIG YES. We forget the essence of life ourselves and hence are not in a position to teach and inculcate relevant behaviours in our children.
Children are exposed to so much of information which is not relevant to their age. Owing to this, they mature too soon. Outdoor games are very rarely witnessed. A fashion of gyms, clubs, etc have come into existence. Lifestyles have changed which is also evident nowadays in kids. Depression, anxiety, arrogance, expectations… These traits are prominent in the kids today.
We need to think for ourselves. Are we taking the next gen on the right path?

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8 thoughts on “Passing on the baton

  1. We need not take them to any path Nowadays generation is very cleaver they will teach us they are much more forward then us what we must not be knowning our time they know This is what I have seen


  2. Agree to some extent. However, we need to introspect and think if we ourselves are in the right path. Are we passing on the culture of reading books or are we getting lost into virtual world ? Are we spending sufficient time with our children ? etc.

    While new generation will be influenced more by external enviorenment, we, as parents should also try our best to teach them our culture, value system, patience, respect for elders etc. more so with leading by examples.


  3. Agree to a greater extant. Virtual world is killing childhood of our children and it is we who should be held accountable. Good thought.


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