While in school, I had a bad day once when my best friend and I had an argument, which ended in both of us swearing not to see each other ever in life. I was upset and weeping profusely as if the world had come to an end. On listening to the entire story, my grandmother made only a small statement. She said, “it’s okay, take it with a pinch of salt”. I was in 5th grade. Too small to understand what she meant by that. But I did not bother to ask her what she meant, because my loss on which I was grieving, was way too big to pause and try to analyse what my grandmother was trying to say. Over a period of time, my friend and myself reunited. After all it was kids’ fight and had to end… (pun intended 😊)

As years passed by and I grew up, gaining knowledge and wisdom (that’s what I believe I have gained 😀), facing challenges which life threw at me, I was balancing myself, my life, etc. like most of us do. Then there was a day when my mind drove backwards into the memory lane and I recollected my grandmother’s words… “it’s okay, take it with a pinch of salt”. There was a sudden ticking which went through within me.

Thinking of the role of salt in our food, our diet. Salt is an ingredient, which is used in almost all our food preparations, but the proportion is the least as compared to other ingredients. At the same time it is also the most important ingredient.

The events of our life are also similar to this. Every good and happy moment should be savoured and treasured. Every not so good moment should be… TAKEN WITH A PINCH OF SALT… ❤️

May you be blessed with lots of happiness and abundance… 😊

Nitya Shitut…

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I am a counselling therapist by passion. I love writing poems and articles

10 thoughts on “A PINCH OF SALT

  1. True completely agree as we are living in society with very high desires so it happens sometimes that we forget to express gratitude towards what we achieve.. nice massage


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